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Zodiac Signs

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What is your Zodiac sign?
Aries 6 6.67%
Taurus 10 11.11%
Gemini 4 4.44%
Cancer 7 7.78%
Leo 8 8.89%
Virgo 11 12.22%
Libra 6 6.67%
Scorpio 13 14.44%
Sagittarius 3 3.33%
Capricorn 5 5.56%
Aquarius 6 6.67%
Pisces 11 12.22%

Virgos and Libras should be more common, as more people are born around September time, I believe. However, you have a sample size of a little over 50. That's less than 5 per month, so it's not surprising that there's an uneven distribution.

I'm a Taurus.

I don't worry about such things as zodiac signs. I simply am who I am and I don't need some sort of astrological sign to try and identify myself in to some sort of category. Though combinations make for good results and by combinations I mean combining these with the Chinese Zodiac animals.

Since I was also born in the year of the Dog, I must equate to a Bulldog.

I'm sure there are things that can potentially influence people depending on the time of the year they're born. It just doesn't bother me to think about such things and try and relate them to my life or the lives of others.

Zodiac Signs

Here I am a Cancerian. And I am really interested about what my zodiac sign is all about. Is there any compatibility with any zodiac sign and what cancers are likely to be in nature. And yes of course their future would be like in the matters of love, prosperity, work and other fields.

Hello, fellow Cancerian!

The Zodiac can tell us who we'd most likely be compatible with based on their sign, but your Moon sign is way more important in determining this than your Sun sign. As a Cancer sun you'd be compatible with other water signs and earth signs. Typically water doesn't get along with fire all that well, but again, you'd need to know the rest of the chart.

If you're interested in learning more, go to: http://www.astro.com and input your information, or I can do it for you.

I don't really get into the telling of future or fortunes, as my religion forbids that aspect of Astrology. But it's a great subject to study to help learn yourself and grow, and to learn about others and how to deal with them.

i am a leo and was born during the year of the earth dragon. not only that, i was born on august first, i am known as a double leo as a result. prideful creatures is a rather heavy theme

I voted Pisces because in astrology i am a pisces, but like i noticed that Pisces and Scorpio are the most voted here. I read on Astrology Junction: Astrology,Horoscopes,and Tarot or Suzann miller astrology zone that ( ither on or the other) but i read that Pisces is like a zodiac sign that is super intuitive.

Do u guys think that maybe that is the real reason why there are more pisces on this site because they are more likelyto join groups?

I personally have been reading about my sign for 2 months now ( so im super new), but its pretty cool for starters.

Also on a side note, can u guys thell me how i can change my profile pic, im looking everywhere and i cant find the upload button. Send me a message or respond here if you can thnx!

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Thread necromancy, it is an abomination to internet kind!


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