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Excited to see this develop and what it is going to turn into. Also Daredevil Season 3 is coming out.

Daredevil Season 3

I imagine the likelier scenario is that whatever enemies pose a real threat to him will do so because they have some means of diminishing the effectiveness of his invulnerability or bypassing it entirely. This Luke Cage isn't even what I would call invulnerable, given that
Severe enough blunt force trauma to the head is enough to nearly kill him, like when he was hit point blank in the skull with a shotgun.
[Potential Spoiler for Jessica Jones].

All in all, I'm reasonably confident in their ability to figure out how to challenge Luke over the course of the season without simply rehashing the same plot over and over again. Not all problems can be solved by punching them.

Could also play mind-games with him - lots of interesting plot lines there.

Oh, not at all. I have the same problem with supes. I also don't think the Netflix show will do that to Luke. I suspect he will have a multitude of problems and foes, not the least of which being that he is a wanted man.

You know, just because you're invulnerable doesn't mean you can't be restrained like a normal human being. Only reason Deadpool escapes those sorts of restraints is because he mutilates his body enough to escape, then just regenerates.

If you get creative, he can be totally helpless. A telekinetic can just lift him off the ground and he'd just flail about.

Still, excited to see what Marvel has in mind for all three of these shows. The music choice and mixing were really good in that Defenders teaser.

Even if you accept that Superman is of necessity a boring character (which I'm not completely on board with), Luke Cage isn't even in the same country, let alone the same ballpark. This is a completely different power scale we're talking about here. We've seen that Cage's supposed invulnerability can't even stop conventional weaponry at point blank range and there's a whole laundry list of effects that may or may not bypass even that limited protection. They'll have plenty of ways to create dramatic tension.

I mean, strictly speaking Luke Cage isn't even supposed to be invulnerable. His skin is unbreakable, his insides are all squishy and vulnerable, as shown in JJ. He also had some amount of superstrength, possibly. I'm not sure some if the stuff shown in the shown isn't just a decently strong average man level strength mixed with the fact that his skin is unbreakable.

Yea the comic version has grown in power level considerably over the years, but the show hasn't even remotely established that much of a threat, IMO.


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