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Ant-Man and the Wasp

Originally Posted by Raistlinmc View Post
When you can get a thirty-five year old and his daughter to both happily enjoy the same whizz-bang madness for two hours, I'd say it's an unmitigated success.
As the characters in the movie, or the audience?

Ha! Both, I suppose.

Originally Posted by Penchant View Post

Hey, someone else caught that. So it wasn't just me imagining things. And there is a Micronauts movie in the works, though at the moment it's coming from Paramount and is presumably unconnected to the Marvel universe and therefore probably has nothing to do with anything we thought we saw. Pity. But it's not like there aren't plenty of canonical tiny realms to be explored from the comics.

All geekery about Micronauts aside...

Light-hearted fun. Not great. The latino ex-con partner guy is more annoying than funny, still. Completely ignores the rules that "mass is conserved" when growing or shrinking, and just went all-out humor. Ghost seems a little... meh.
After Credits scenes are also kinda lacking--rather like the ones for Home Coming.

I think 3/5 is about right.

I took the whole family to see it on Sunday, including my wife who has only seen a few random MCU movies here and there. All of us loved it, and it prompted my wife to want to watch more MCU movies so she can get caught up on Infinity Wars
and know what the heck was happening with the credits / end scene.

Though strangely enough, my wife did ask
how Janet got make up in the Quantum Realm.

So from an 8 year old girl up to a 41 year old man, we'd all definitely give it 2 (or 10?) thumbs up.

Your wife asks the same question I did the second that helmet came off.

Originally Posted by Penchant View Post

I read them as well hope that whats down there.


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