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The rush warrior has been performing acceptably enough for me to be having fun with it. Hovers a little bit above 50 percent against most decks with some plus or minus depending.

The only thing that I haven't reliably beaten is the shirvallah combo deck. The only time that I have was just because I managed to high roll death grip and steal it from the paladin before they could start cycling it through with the banker.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not the woodcutter's axe or Keleseth is more impactful, and what I'd rather slot in at 2 cost over some of the higher cost tech cards if I did remove Keleseth.

Go double woodcutters!
"Because [too] Good [Keleseth] is dumb!"
When I first saw Keleseth. Having lost to his older, slower 6 cost shaman version back in the day. I knew it would win games. It's way too good in warlock zoo. Ready for it to rotate out of Standard. Too swingy. Woodcutters axes are cooler. You wanna be cool right?!

It's a weird trial and error that I'll be working with, because if I go double woodcutters it means I pull out the fiery win axe and replace that slot with the woodcutters, and then pull out Keleseth and maybe adjust for filling some new cards into that 2 slot.

On the flip side, boring uncool Keleseth is good at any point in the game for the deck; because even though a 5/4 raging worgen is great tempo early, having the 5/5 Crowley or 6/6 Akali is just too good to pass up with it also stacking to 1/4 rhino totems.

Rough 3 game losing streak. Then a ShudderShaman for game 4. Man I almost Conceeded. Shudder was near very bottom for 'em. Play it. Played another from hand. And then - apparently that was it. I ended up winning. And really was so durn triggered. I was just hoping for a disconnect. didn't realize if I could survive the second of that ... [nonsense] I might could win. I'll take it.


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