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Sharing Sheets, what gives?

Sharing Sheets, what gives?

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Message: Trying to share sheets with new users I got to sign up, so I could craft their sheets and share with them so they can actually read/edit, but the Share sheet with user system seems to not be working. Was successful with 1 sheet, but it seemed like he needed to be online at the time for me to be able to share the sheet with him. Another two I am attempting to share don't seem to be shared. I have refreshed, logged out and in again, yet no change. For the first sheet the Allowed users updated within 10 seconds. So, feedback would be appreciated

Can you provide the usernames you’re trying to work with?

I think, though, that it’s related to an unfortunate side effect of the way the sheets and forums are linked - the other users don’t exist in the sheets system until they navigate to that part of the site. So, trying to share to them doesn’t work.

They need to log in and at least navigate to the sheets section.

This is something I’m working to fix and hope to have done in March.

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