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Character Widget Terminology

Feat and Feature? Gross.

Theme sounds good, actually, since Theme is one of the prior D&D mechanics it's replacing.

Originally Posted by FaerieGodfather View Post
I am designing a d20-compatible (originally intended to be a retroclone) game that has three tiers of selectable widget for characters:

Proficiencies are, as implied, the equiavalent of Weapon and Non-Weapon Proficiencies in AD&D, skills in WotC D&D, and the weaker feats from 3.X and PF. This includes learning spells from your own class spell list. Characters receive a proficiency every level.

Feats are beefier, representing slightly-beefed up 3.PF feats. Combat styles and weapon mastery use feats. Learning "general" spells uses feats. Characters receive a feat every odd level.

And then... blah. This tier of widget represents your Subraces and Archetypes, your Kits and Themes, your Prestige Classes and Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies. Multiclassing uses these. You get one every 6th level.

But what do I call them?

I believe since feats and proficiencies are augmentations of the widget in question, annals or library would be a very fitting lexicon for it.

I like the "mastery" suggestion Dybrar made earlier. You only get three of them, and they seem like they'll heavily help define the tone of the character. The feel of it should be "I've worked hard to achieve this ... thing ... and now I have it and I am significantly more of what I always wanted to be!"


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