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Intros and OOC

Azan-gund: 3000 GP
di Darastrix Kin: 150 GP, written in draconic, A character fluent in Draconic can use it to add a +1 bonus to all Knowledge checks dealing with dragons.

Don't worry about the time. We can assume there were plenty of days available during your travels. I don't want to stall the game longer than needed either.

So does that mean I can add those spells to my spellbook right now? Or that we will have plenty of time once we get started to have time for adding spells to my spellbook?

I'm thinking these are scrolls you could have bought along the way. You would have passed through several big cities and probably had some down days at various places, so yeah, just go ahead and add them.

Ok thanks

The problem I have with the way they describe adding spells to a spellbook they only say you have to study it for a day but they do not say just how many hours a day counts as. Clearly it does not take 24 hours of study. It also does not say if you can interrupt the studying to do something else and then go back to it. Like saying you study it for an hour one day and then go fight some monsters. Then you study for 5 hours the next day and then finish it up on the third day.

Yeah, kind of vague. I think the intent is one uninterrupted day of study. I picture it as a college student or mad scientist cramming as needed, ignoring everything else around him. Sort of obsessive-compulsive.

Ok here is my list of gear

Crossbow, light 35g
30 bolts 3g
dagger 2g
Spellbook [free at level 1]
Backpack 2gp
Explorerís outfit [free at level 1]
Flint and steel 1gp
Ink (1 oz. vial) 8gp
Inkpen 1sp
Oil (1-pint flask)(3) 3sp
Lamp, common 1sp
Spell component pouch 5gp
Rope, silk (50 ft.) 10gp
Waterskin 1gp
Rations, trail (4) 2gp
Hand of the Mage 900g
Azun-gund 3000gp
di Darastrix Kin (Tome of Dragon Lore) 150g
Wand of Lesser Orb of Fire (50) 750gp
Wand of Enlarge Person (50) 750gp
Wand of Detect Magic (50) 375gp
Wand of Mage Amor (50) 750gp
Wand of Shield (50) 750gp
Scroll: Detect Poison x 5, Mending x 5, Message x 5 187g 6s
Scroll: Obscuring Mist x 3, Detect Secret Doors x 3, Comprehend Languages x 3, Jump 250g
Scroll: Knock, Resist Energy, See Invisibility 450g
Scroll #1: added to book 100gp
Scroll #2: added to book 750g
Scroll #3: added to book 1500g

Sorry, need to do the mundane gear yet, but yeah, it's not like he had a lot of options, he's ready to go aside from that.

OK, we can move along then. Just need a post from someone letting me know what the group does next.

Arzag will get the Pearl of Power (First Level). That will be all for the re-equipping.

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