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Intros and OOC

Yakiniku - Precisely right about the vision stuff.

I'll be at a Super Bowl party most of Sunday too. We'll just call Sunday an off day and resume Monday. You will want to set your marching order though - that will come up first.

Marching Order

Ashton also carries his own torch in one hand and his longbow in the other with an arrow knocked. He'll risk having the torch go out in combat by setting it down quickly as he readies his bow. (It's basically a controlled drop.)

BTW. What program(s) are you using for creating the map?

For simplicity's sake, how about dropping a torch is a free action with no chance for the torch going out. But a bow, being a two handed weapon, would require two hands to carry safely with an arrow knocked. This means in the first round you could drop the torch and shoot a single arrow (as a first level character). If you take rapid shot then you get the second shot as well.

I'm using Photoshop. You could probably use GIMP for the same effects but I'm more familiar with Adobe.

Sorry, I had to edit my post... I mis-typed something in the sheetroll and couldnt figure out where I made my mistake.

Ethanius isnt going to start checking around every corner just yet. I want to run it by everyone first because... if we check every 10ft we will probably live longer.... but we will probably take forever exploring.

Sorry for my absence, everyone. I've been rather busy lately and didn't notice you'd started a new thread.

Why the sudden intention to rest? We haven’t discovered anything yet. The adventure is only just beginning and you all want to stop before we have got into our momentum?

I know that technically we’re wet through and have been travelling all day, but I though that was just for the sake of role-playing and a more original way to get us together. Unless we are technically going to suffer fatigue or exhaustion because of it, can't we carry on for the games sake? I would rather not stop until we actually need to.

Ashton did not suggest sleeping immediately any way:
"Perhaps a brief exploration would be best for tonight; just enough to assure us that a nest of goblins isn't lurking nearby. We're all cold, tired and wet. We should dry out and rest before making an extended search for treasure."

Yes, this is just a brief "intro" adventure. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that. Sunless Citadel starts when you reach the town of Oakhurst.

Let's just say you all had a 1/2 day walk instead of an all day hike. That way you have several hours of activity left before fatigue checks.

Of course you COULD take a nap with your armor off just outside the entrance of an unexplored dungeon if you REALLY want to.

As a DM myself, I'm also quite accustomed to "cut scenes". Even if the party decided to camp all night, the DM could simply declare that "time passes". While it is entirely unnecessary from a game mechanics standpoint, it is entirely necessary from the standpoint of plot sequencing and maintaining the suspension of disbelief for those of us with literary backgrounds.

From a Literary standpoint It may be more plausible to stop and rest. But after only half a days travel, any adventurer worth his salt would not be looking to rest. Especially if something (like nearly stepping on a trap) got the adrenaline flowing.
I dont want this to turn into an argument, but if for no other reason. I would look at this as, some people would need the rest, and some would not. Its a decision for everyone to make on there own. Not really a question of need, but of desire. Ethanius at least has a greater desire to explore than to rest.

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