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Worldly Talk Closed

The comment was based on observations of Myers Briggs personality types. If you'd like to have a more detailed discussion about it, I'm happy to oblige in PMs, but I don't want to derail this thread.

Starting to notice some World Talk style debate seeping into the World Talk Closed thread...When I first came to the weave I was present on the World Talk portion of the forum, but for years it has been a place devoted to emotional debate and factless (baseless? might be a better word) ranting. I personally believe that an RPG forum is not the place for real life "debate" and I use that term loosely, because for every true to form debate that occurred in the forum 10 baseless rants swallowed it whole.

Also my 2 cents on political/real world gaming: If it is against site rules, aka disallowed, and has the possibility of escalating (based on the Game material/rules/intent) then that game should not exist. IE, if a game is DESIGNED to purposefully create topics that would otherwise be handled in Worldly Talk, meaning if it sets the stage for PERSONAL and non-character debate (we are all adults and know what it looks like when something is being presented as satire and fantasy as opposed to Real World discussion) then it should have no place in the forum, private or otherwise...since those are the rules (paraphrased: Games are only for GAMES not talk forums or personal storage) based on the site rules and policy...why even attempt to play devil's advocate? Disallowed is disallowed...unless the site rules should only be looked at as Soft Guidelines, which is a concept I doubt the Mods are considering...

Look the only reason I brought up the political gaming question is because I have a game that's been running for a whole year that is based on political satire I just want to avoid any...issues that might be better avoided via other means that don't involve archiving it and basically having to stop writing anything inspired by the politics heavy New Vegas.

I was not trying to circumvent the rules I was trying to work with the mods to adjust my currently running games in order to be in line with the new rules.


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