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Forthcoming Changes Mar 3 2018

Appreciate you Rodrigo and others.
All the best wishes to you all

Thank you for your efforts to improve MW Rodrigo and staff! It will work next time.

No data loss is a win in my book. Whatever happens next time, as long as no data is lost, it's still a win.

Recommendation on the next attempt to swap over.

I would suggest a work day during said work day cause it will reduce the load of people wanting to log in instantly. Reasoning behind a work day is that people are less likely to be actively posting while at work which means less people trying to log in. The primary server 500 issue will likely be less prevalent.

Next suggestion that I personally experienced cause I know how to by pass server 500 issue was that I was stuck with being unable to log into myth weavers with my email and password. it kept claiming my creds was invalid. combo that with a server 500 issue and people reloading to trying and get different results when they log in only to get slammed with a server 500 error again...

basically vicious cycle if they can get past the server 500 issue they are stuck with being unable to log in again. Which some times leads to them going through the cycle again. Nathan suggested that my creds might have been miss entered somewhere some how.

If it was a lot of people getting creds issues then that might explain why there was a massive back up that was not resolving.

Don't sweat the issues, guys. The site is awesome, and a little suffering over this change on our part is nothing compared to the hundreds of hours of free play time is worth it!

Thanks for all the work, guys. Sorry it didn't go better this time. Sounds like you did a lot of prep work beforehand. Sometimes it's like that. You'll get it next time.


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