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March 17 Second Update has been Rolled Back

Same here (cert issue that must be bypassed in order to get to the site; site marked 'unsafe' due to the cert issue)

The cert issue has been resolved by Rodrigo.

WOOHOO!! Thanks for the fix boss! That was getting SUPER annoying!!

After an initial discord release, we'd like to invite any interested members to come poke around on the test site, , as we continue to push toward this release.

Bear in mind that the test site is not connected to the production system. It's in fact based on a database backup from March 20. This means that users created after March 20, or email/password changes after March 20 are not reflected in the test site.
  • The test site database will *NOT* be merged so any changes there will be lost forever when it is shut down.
  • Image uploads will not work on the test site. There will be some debug information shown that you needn't worry about.
  • Be aware that the server resources for the test site are far less ample on the test site, so it may be slow to respond.

Finally, if you should run into any problem on the test site that is not also a problem on the production system, please report it in this thread:

Thank you!


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