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Not sure if this is a good place to ask but;
I'm currently running a PTU game for my GF and a couple friends and thought I'd have an Absol encounter. I know that the Pokemon is solitary due to humans chasing them off, but what about other Pokemon? Other Absol in particular. Does their solitary nature extend to them as well or could you expect to see an Absol with others of its kind in a sort of pack?

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This thread is mostly for the franchise, core games and stuff, but it's not like your question is unrelated. I have never played PTU and don't plan to, but there are certainly people who have played it here. I have looked into Pokerole, and would probably use it to run a game if I ever do. I recall running into Wild Absols in Ultra Sun, and there's a spot where they spawn regularly. I think you can catch Midnight Lycanroc in the same place. The impression I get is that they may not be pack or herd animals, but they may still live in proximity of one another. In the Ultra Sun example, there is at least one spot where there are enough of them that you will encounter one fairly regularly. So even if they do not herd, there could still be other Absol in a close enough range to hear and respond to a call for help. Just my opinion.

In Pokemon Go they are only obtainable from raids or hatching an egg. Since they have not been released into the wild, I could not tell you if they nest. In Pokiemon Go, certain spawn points can act as nests and spawn a certain type of Pokemon quite frequently. In my area this often happens with Scyther or Magmar. A long time ago, before there were events all the time, Pokemon could be hunted in biomes to get different types. I live in a grass/bug biome but I know a couple of water spawn points where sometimes rare stuff pops up, like my shiny Wailmer.

I think as a GM for a game like PTU or Pokerole, it's a good idea to take into consideration things like biomes, which are basically what sort of features are present in the habitat. Pokemon Go is nice inspiration for this because it really does work like that sometimes. Rock types may spawn more in mountainous regions. Water types are of course in water. Grass types in fields and forests. Electric types may like places with lots of thunder storms, or sometimes they live in urban areas where there are power lines. Fire types would be anywhere that is hot and dry, which in the summer could be anywhere.

As I recall, Absol is a dark type. I think dark types are found more often at night, though they might dwell in places with lots of shadows, including underground and in caves. That would also explain why it spawned with Midnight Lycanroc, which only spawns at night in the core games. That's just a fancy way of saying dark types are nocturnal, or at least comfortable at night. Alolan Rattatas and Meowths didn't seem to care what time of day it was.

For general information on any Pokemon you would like to use, there is also Bulbapedia. Here is Absol's entry.