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The conversation is can't go in this direction without Korpiklaani

And since I posted some epic Mongolian music, here is some more this time throat singing rap with some spectacular video.

Also more throat singing rap from Ethnic Zorigoo

I'm a huuuge fan of Viking metal. This song is awesome it's by Tyr; Hold the heathen hammer high .

Korpiklaani got mentioned, how about some more folk metal? Actually, here. Have some more Eluveitie.

It is kinda my thing. Why yes, that period was its own link, and that was a Mongolian folk metal band. Yep. Links Removed

Pirate music, folk music, they are pretty closely related when you dig down far enough.

And that particular pirate metal band does tend to violate site content policies, which I stated at the beginning of this thread must be followed for all linked music.

Update: Thread has been reopened upon completion of staff review. Please ensure any links meet all content guidelines, profanity is not the only problem that may exist.

Okay. Okay. A friend just sent me this. I have to share.

The dude that did the music for Command & Conquer has a solo career. I had no idea.


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