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So how does this work?

So how does this work?

I am new to this site and online roleplaying in general so I am curious as to how it works?

I browsed around but I couldn't find where current games are being held. Is there a place where I can look at a game currently being played? I just want to see how combat, handouts, and other things are handled using Myth-Weavers!


One way would be to use the search on the games & ads page. You could choose a game which has an advert saying it's re-recruiting, though in that case probably best to choose one that is looking for only one player.

You need to be aware that most games use private features so you may not see everything. You'd need to join as a reader to see what's contained private threads and tags.

Try looking at games run by Mordae and Ruben. I don't mind volunteering them as they're staff. I'm guessing Ithamar would be cool with you viewing his arena too.

There are other people who come to mind but I'll let them offer their own services or someone else make the suggestion.

Thanks for that Plugsy!

Now I can't wait to get into a game of my own! It is really creative how a game is run.

I'm tempted to sticky this. Any other GMs who have long running games in systems not represented here want to volunteer themselves?

Sure thing! Heck, I'd be happy to see a thread stickied in the ad forum as well.

We used to have something like that waaaaay back.

My Justice League game is 7ish months young.. Not sure if that counts as a long running game or not, but I think it's one of the longer ones sitting out there for DC Adventures/Mutants and Masterminds 3e and I always welcome readers.

Likewise for Odd Jobs, puttering along since '08.

I can volunteer my Paranoia game. The current one is not exactly long running, but I have run several to completion. I am also just about the only one who runs Paranoia on The Weave, so the pickings are slim.

Troubling Troubleshooters

Edit: Defiantly need to be a reader to get the full feel. Half the game is in private tags!


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