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Originally Posted by JackMann View Post
Well, it wasn't exactly a "custom" system for Fallout: New Vegas. They modified the system from Fallout 3, which in turn was adapted from Fallout and Fallout 2 (which makes sense, since they were making it for Bethesda, who currently own the series). However, I agree it's likely to have its own (or else a modified version of something from one of their other games), simply so they don't have to license a system.
Technically Obsidian did originally make the Fallout system - a lot of the guys working there now were part of Black Isle back in the day.

Well, that gets into how equivalent Obsidian and Black Isle are (though yes, there is a lot of overlap, and that's why New Vegas was a better game than Fallout 3). But in any event, New Vegas, specifically, did not have a new system created for it.

The backers are leaving some ridiculous comments. I'm surprised how many are slamming others for mentioning how important removing DRM and having cross-platform releases are. I agree they should have multiple platforms as a foremost goal.
I was lit up for even mentioning it, because obviously my opinion doesn't matter to someone who only owns a PC.
Hehe, I wonder how well they are going to soak all of that input in at Obsidian.

What I'm curious about is if the lack of a publisher is gonna let them do proper bug testing for once.

Well hopefully the guys at Obsidian realize that its mostly only children or people who like to complain/bash, that actually comment (for the most part) on forums. Myth-Weavers and similar sites are an exception because Myth actually has active mods that quickly squelch such stupid behavior.

Originally Posted by Ronin Talon View Post
If anyone is looking for a Fallout/Book of Eli kind of game with a mix of science and magic, you should check out Afterearth: The Fall.

$1 gets you the game and your name in the credits of the book. At higher backing levels you get to vote on what goes into the game (and name in the credits of the book).
Thanks! We also have a playtesting needed thread here as well.
Appreciate the support.

It looks like a cool combination of Wasteland and Shadowrun. A big issue in donations is going to be the re-emergence of Gamma World's 7th edition recently, which is very similar to the concept of AfterEarth.
I would recommend getting together a 'street team' if you will, to drop into gaming discussions all over the biggest networks, like a Facebook, Twitter, 4(or7)Chan, etc.
You may have this going for you already, but all eyes are on Eternity. There is also the Kick It Forward movement which may help.

Kickstarter is a fantastic concept for niche markets. I can see all sorts of excellent system/systemless settings being funded for cheap, as well as low-budget sourcebooks.

AfterEarth is now offering a Kickstarter only hardcover for 55.00. That's almost 500 pages of awesome for 55 bucks. Also a couple other things added.
Stop by and enjoy!

Thanks Librarium. We are working on a team and have been trying with Facebook(we have a page) and twitter and so forth. Don't know anyone on 4 or 7 chan though.

I did kick it forward just now thanks.

We may indeed come up against Gamma World. But the world is pretty different...well vastly different and aside from being "After some major apocalypse" there are more differences than similarities.
My only hope is that people will see that they can contribute ANYTHING to our game and most likely get it professionally illustrated and put into the book.
We also feel our rules are really incredible.

Ok 4chan is a mess...I don't even know where to begin on that one

I was asked to find out about the game mechanics behind Project Eternity. It uses its own mechanics. See the link below for more info.

Looks like Project Eternity is going to reach the 2.2 million mark and have Linux support. I might consider it, even though I'll never have time to actually play it. I still have all those minis to paint...

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