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Developer Insights: Class Identity, Hall of Fame, and New Cards
Blizzard Entertainment06/24/2019

Interesting. Good read. I like I think all of it. Including new minions. One for warlock seems most fitting I think. I'm a bit worried about the 5 cost Paladin spell (especially in odd paladin in wild, but ... probably not too great even there). A few very meh. But overall glad to see some new stuff in classic. Like a neutral classic minion that deals with a secret. And the two going to Hall of Fame. (Vanish and Mind Blast)

Nerfs incoming. Ready for official, non accidental leak announcement. Extra Arms, back to, 3. Conjurer's Calling to 4. Should be others.



Would like an official announcement now. I am 99% certain they planned a certain date to announce it and are sticking to it in spite of the, I believe accidental, leak. But that 1% of me that feels like someone is ‘punishing’ everyone by making them wait longer for the official announcement because of the leak… is putting a frown on my face.

Love is stronger than a thousand swords, a hundred raging rhinos, a dozen diving falcons.

Thread reborn! Nice to see you again, Cleric8092!

I think it was Kibler that mentioned hall of faming Mountain Giant, and I hate that idea. I love the idea of nerfing Conjurer's Calling more, either removing twinspell or bumping the cost or both. It's an awesome, really fun spell, but twinspell at 3 mana with the taunts it pulls off Mountain Giant is too much.

Good chance Blizzard wants to see outcry before making leaked changes official...if that's the case, seems sneaky and I don't like it. Make a plan, execute.

Control warrior just sucks to play against. It sucks even before Dr. Boom hits, but once it does I usually concede. It's not worth spending another 20 minutes on a foregone conclusion. Only hero card that isn't too good right now is Hagatha, and that's just because of RNG...but even she is really, really good. Zul'jin is a monster.

All that said...the games I play that AREN'T against control warrior or Luna's Pocket Galaxy are really, really fun. I think the meta is pretty diverse, the quests are pretty well balanced, and love the variety of cards I'm seeing. I stopped caring about climbing, just hover around ranks 5-10, and play a lot more casual than I used to just to keep things fresh.

You too Ardent Gamer
I agree - good meta other than a few things. I'm also in the - try to get to 10 for the month, now in Wild.

If you watch the clip, his reaction to it seems genuine. I really don't think was intentional on his part.

*[Re-Reading, I don't think you are saying you think he may have leaked it on purpose. Just about the timing. I think they are actually sticking with their timing plan. Just, with the leak - now what we 'know' some are incoming, the wait feels rough.]

I'm happy panda


in an update next week:
Conjurer's Calling to 4
Luna's Pocket Galaxy (back to) 7
Extra Arms (back to) 3
Barnes to 5
Dr Boom, Mad Genius to 9

Glad to see the last up two mana, not just one. For Standard sake I'd also like to see it changed to "Mechs in your hand have Rush". But I'll take it. I agree that, as they said:
"Increasing the mana cost to 9 should make it more difficult to find a good turn to play Dr. Boom, giving opponents time to make powerful plays as well."


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