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It is often very valuable to do so, no denying it. In fact it might USUALLY be the best call. HP is a resource that can be spent freely as long as you have enough of it. But in the end, you spent 4 HP, 1 mana, and half a card to remove 1 card that had already dealt 4 damage. The opponent spent 3 more mana and half a card, but dealt 8 damage to you total with it. Against a beatdown deck, it can often be better to send in a minion or use a damaging spell and go 1-for-1 and allow your opponent that 4 damage, because generally you will get your value back in spades when you hit your superior lategame (assuming you aren't also a rush deck)... but this won't work if you die before you reach that point.

And being at 'low HP' is often arbitrary when playing against combo or rush decks, and you often you should strive to just save as much HP as you can. As noted above, some people just have ridiculous combos. There's a notorious, high-level deck known as Miracle Rogue that can consistently deal 26+ damage in a single turn around turn 9 or 10, and the entire deck is built around drawing into the combo while simultaneously removing all of your threats.

Freeze mage is popular for that too, but thankfully as a newer player you probably wont run into too many people with combos like that.

I did run OHKO priest decks for a while when i started, which were pretty funny though. High health minion + divine spirit + divine spirit + inner fire = dead. I think the highest I got was a 44/39 with health boost chaining on a gurabashi?
Maybe not competitive, but when playing with new people it was funny.

And yea, usually as a warrior you want to just throw your face at enemies with weapons, but sometimes that last push into their face is what you need. With practice you'll learn when to do what! I know when I started getting more lenient with using my health as a resource my win rate improved, but it can certainly also go the other way.

I guess it would depend on your alternatives.. Leaving the minion on the board is obviously out of the question and you'd be hard pressed to find a more efficient trade on a Kor'kron than the axe.. I can't really think of a better one..

Even against Miracle 9 times out of 10, the few health you'd save by NOT taking out a SI:7 agent (providing you have a viable alternative, because, as mentioned, leaving it on the board is out of the question) is not going to save you from Shadow Stepping Cold Blooded Leeroy Jenkins..

Slam + Cruel Taskmaster would be pretty efficient. Gets you a minion on the board as well.

And as someone who has faced a lot of miracles as the big, stompy armor-up warrior, the key to winning is to force them to spend cards which could hurt your face on things which are NOT your face, namely your minions, ESPECIALLY before their Gadgetzan comes out. So in that case you wouldn't want to trade a minion in because that's constant pressure, but I'd still go with Slam + Whatever if available, up to and maybe including Execute, rather than hit it with my precious orcish face and decrease the number of cards needed to murder me.

3 health gained is +1 card he has to draw to win, basically (Eviscerate, Cold Blood, Sinister Strike). So, IMO, it is very worthwhile to avoid that damage. As a control warrior deck, at the very least.

Originally Posted by Geddian View Post
3 health gained is +1 card he has to draw to win, basically (Eviscerate, Cold Blood, Sinister Strike). So, IMO, it is very worthwhile to avoid that damage. As a control warrior deck, at the very least.
I don't think drawing cards is a problem the Miracle Rogue has

The point of weapons with warrior (and paladin, and rogue) is to kill minions with your face, so you can maintain board control. Obviously there are outlying situations where you'd prefer to take those weapons to their face instead, but it's a good rule of thumb to keep in mind that, assuming you aren't about to die, chewing through your own health to remove a minion is your primary source of board control and keeping ahead on cards.

That said, if you have card advantage, make sure you use it. It doesn't do you any good to eat damage to the face to try to save the cards in your hand, if you end up dying with a fist full of cards.

So I have a Golden Nat Pagle. I'm thinking about swapping him for another Legendary. I don't use him in any decks and I think I could get more use out of others. These are the legendaries I have:

Lord Jaraxxus
Nat Pagle (Golden)
King Mukla
Leeroy Jenkins

So I'm trying to decide what might be a good swap for Pagle.. I play a good amount of Shaman, so maybe Al'Akir.. Bloodmage Thalnos is kind of a good generic card I see in almost every deck.. Cairne, the Black Knight, and Ysera all seems like I'd get more use out of them than Pagle.

Cairne is absolutely wonderful in a lot of decks, and black knight certainly helps in many as well. Ysera is more niche I think, and thalnos is a better loot hoarder effectively.

As funny as pagle is, I'd definitely switch him.

Thalnos is solid in any deck with a lot of direct damage. If you're running shaman control with lightning bolt and lightning storm and forked lightning, I'd take Thalnos any day of the week.

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