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Catastrophic Failure

Your doing great man, crap happens.
Thanks for keeping this site running. Just know that your efforts are appreciated.

I think many of us do some sort of accounting outside of the Sheets function, even if it's just notes in a side thread. Hopefully this hasn't been too catastrophic for either individuals or the community.

Like the other players and GMs I appreciate everything you do for us, Rodrigo. Stuff happens.

Unfortunately, this is pretty darn catastrophic for me. I had a bunch of characters where the action was going on in Skype, and it was the same with many of my players. Now all the progress that they've made, and in some cases entire players, are completely lost.

Agreed. I'm sure we're all very grateful that the site is back up, thanks to the dedication and hard work of those in charge. So to those of you who made it happen, I thank you with all my heart

Originally Posted by Ezzran View Post
For other people: They're still showing up in lists, and the sheetid is still reserved. That means that if you are fortunate enough to have kept a particular sheet open on your computer, you can change one cell on that sheet and save it to get your sheet back instantly.

It also means that [sb] tags will be blank, but won't cause problems, and your characters are still connected to their games.
Are you sure? I've been pressing save on my sheet, then going to a blank page and then opening it there. The cells have been empty no matter how many times I change cells or press save. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

Chiming in, first-time poster.
Shit. I did not have either of my currently active characters notated or backed up in any one location.
I might be able to rebuild one faithfully, since I know where pertinent data was for them, but the other...

Originally Posted by Ezzran View Post
Losing sheets is a bummer, but on the bright side, the forum posts are all still up-to-date.

That would have been a much bigger problem, no? Losing six months of peoples' games.... I shudder to think of it. SO all-in-all, I think we came out fairly lucky here.
THIS!! I'd rather have to rebuild a few sheets than an entire game.

Errr, changing something on the sheet isnt working for me... Any suggestions?

Not that it matters too much, I actually have everything in both a forum post AND in a doc. Just wondering if I can save some time.

Some would say that the situation is "bull-sheet." No? Not a good one? I'll go to my room now...


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