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Catastrophic Failure

That's a separate issue. You should make a thread in Site Discussion.

I've got a good amount of experience with AWS and backup resiliency, if you want help setting up automated/regularly tested backups.

Longtime user of sheets only, here. Thanks so much for this downoad/upload mechanism, it is a great help, and not only for the purpose of safekeeping. It's unfortunate that this came to be as a consequence of a great disaster. But I would like to commend everything you have done in the aftermath - owning up to the mistakes, offering an honest apology, and taking fast steps to protect against a repeat.

A someone else wrote before me - a class act.

Well, I just lost hundreds of hours of work across multiple games. I'm completely devastated by this loss. I run online games exclusively and have no other backups of any of my sheets. The fact that so many people are dismissing this as "just a mistake" or somehow blaming the users because it's a "free" service is absurd. I used this site for one feature and it has 100% backfired, and I am never going to use this site again. I usually am for second chances, but I cannot put my trust in this service again, considering what was lost.

Good luck with your future endeavors.

I'm not going to parrot Bokoura or any of the other ungrateful users (past or present), am I miffed? I was, but upon reflection it's my choice to store data here and I got to do so for a large amount of time entirely free of charge. I appreciate the hosts and while I've lost data, my games have not stopped.

Thank you, Myth-Weavers, for providing your services and with the new option I hope to be a user for many more lurking years.


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