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SSL Cert Issue

SSL Cert Issue

Our ssl certificate renewal script failed to run and expired. I'm in a rehearsal and won't be back for about 6hrs. Chrome may disallow using the site but any other browser should just give a dismissible warning. Sorry for the inconvenience

If you are using Chrome, you can dismiss the warning by clicking ADVANCED at the bottom of the warning, then clicking the tiny gray link that says "Proceed to (unsafe)"

It will remember your choice for a little while, though not forever. But still, at least you can browse your games :P

I can confirm firefox (the browser I use) gives you a warning and you can just choose to make an exception in the advanced options.

Dolphin, correct. This is only a minor maintenance issue.

Heh, just sent a PM before I saw this thread... sorry for the extra nagging.

Originally Posted by Dolphin Shoes View Post
So no-one was hacked or anything, this is just a routine maintenance sort of thing?
"It's not the '80s, nobody says "hack" anymore".


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