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@mentions and Quote Alerts

Is there a way to remove it from our profile pages? I like the feature, but I don't want all my quotes and mentions being all over my profile.

@Call me Fate

The mentions and quotes are tucked away in tabs, and it's only stuff that's visible via your post history anyway. Anything in a private thread, private tag, or private game is excluded. Is it still problematic with those filters in mind?

No, if the filters are in place and it's no different than a post search there's nothing to worry about. It just feels funny to see on my profile. There's no problem really. I appreciate everything you guys do here and it's a privilege just to use the site and have input.

I agree with Call me Fate... admittedly, I'm another of the old school folks for whom this generally adds functionality I never missed (though I did leave the mentions notification on; could not care less when I'm quoted since it's always in a thread I follow anyway), but the added tabs in the User Profile seem like clutter to me. I can't think of much of a scenario where I'd need those tabs for myself or someone else. I do understand the value of seeing where I personally have been quoted or mentioned, but I'm not sure why I'd ever need or care to see that info in someone else's profile. I wouldn't say it's an issue per se, just seems like extra info that doesn't add much.

On another note, I was getting email notifications of quotes this afternoon for awhile after having turned that email notification off. Haven't gotten any recently, though, but I'm not sure if that problem sorted itself out or I just haven't been quoted lately.

As always, though, I appreciate all the hard work on improving the site. Just thought I'd add my $0.02.

I've been asking for this for ages!
Very happy.

I like the idea behind these features and time will tell if they will become something useful for me personally. For now, I support the idea that the icons for PM / Friend request be separated from Quote / Mention.

Thanks Rodrigo!

This looks like a great tool ... but I'm not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to make it work. Where do I look for instructions, or can somebody tell me how to get somebody's number to fill in?

It looks like it should be [mention=Some magic number that comes from somewhere]Player's name?[/mention]

Am I even close?


Oh. When I previewed the post when I tried it like that, it didn’t look like it did anything, so I assumed it couldn’t be that simple.

Oh, me of little faith ....

I’ll go give it another try, sans assuming complexity where none exists.

Thank you!

So, just like this? @noozoo ?

Doesn't seem to be working for me. Am I doing something wrong?

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