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Forthcoming Changes Mar 3 2018

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
@AsenRG Anybody on your ignore list remains on your ignore list (and the same with the friends list). That, like the vast majority of things, is based on userid.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Cleric8092 View Post
And... yahoo email accounts are not accepted it appears... That's an issue for me. I think I technically have a gmail account, but I literally never use it. I believe I understand the reasoning -and overall really dig this site. I know yahoo has issues / yahoo mail. But this ... I'll have to think about what I want to do to adapt.
It sounds like it won't be an issue if Yahoo emails are now being accepted, but since you're looking for options, in yahoo mail you can link other email accounts, including gmail, so that when you check your yahoo mail you'll be able to check your gmail at the same time. I'm in the same boat as you, I have a gmail I rarely use (this site is about the only thing I use it for, since it wouldn't allow yahoo), but with it linked to my yahoo mail it's super easy to keep an eye on it.

Will we also be removing MSN Messenger from the Instant Messaging section, seeing as how it's defunct and has been for years?

@tynansdtm I do believe we will be doing that, yes.

I also appreciate the advance notice... I already double-checked that my e-mail is updated. However, I've noticed that the site seems to be slowing down a TON when I try to view one of my character sheets. They take a long time to load, and then do not load completely. They get cut-off mid-way down the page. I need to keep reloading the page to try to get better results, but sometimes that doesn't do it either. Is there something wrong that will soon be fixed, or is this a permanent issue?

@Oolrutus can you post in site discussion with that issue, and include links to what sheets are acting slowly (or link to a few examples if it’s all of them) and what browser(s) the issue persists on?

@Rodrigo I've noticed a general slow-down in the site itself lately; could that be related to the upgrade/changes that are forthcoming? I suppose I should post this in the Site Discussion section, but it hasn't caused an outage or an inability to use the site.

@Popestar please post in site discussion so we can figure out what’s going on - I’m not aware of (nor have I personally encountered) any slowdowns or server issues. Per the logs, I've got less than a handful of page load times that took more than a second to generate per day over the past week. It could be there's a network issue somewhere in the middle.

Thank you for the notice in advance.

Is there any way to remove the announcement from the character sheet screen though? When I go to print off a character sheet it prints the announcement at the top and throws the formatting off.



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