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March 17 Second Update has been Rolled Back

March 17 Second Update has been Rolled Back

Everyone, the second update attempt was rolled back at noon, EST today (March 17) to the pre-update state due to new bugs that appeared. We recommend logging out, clearing your cache and cookies in your browser, and logging back in. If there are any issues after clearing your cache and cookies, please confirm the issue with an alternate browser first so we can narrow down the problem and post the issue in Site Discussion.

Log ins are back to username/password, and logging in with your email/password will not work.

The current plan is to open access to the test server with the upgrade to allow the community to beat the living hell out of the it test the upgraded version and ferret out all the minor, new bugs that keep appearing when all previous bugs are eliminated.

Yup, I know at least two other users having the same issue. IIRC this happened a while back (year or so?) and it had to do with not updating the security certificate with some authority? Or, of course, might be due to the back-and-forth revisions of the site's structure.

Yeah, McAfee live safe just marked this site as potentially dangerous. I told it to continue anyway, so something has changed.

Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
Getting this all morning too:

Same deal for me on Chrome, but I allowed it anyway, now it displays "Not Secure" next to the web address in my browser bar. On my phone Safari won't even give me the option to open it anyway, just indicates it can't open it because it can't "establish a secure connection to the server."

Chrome on a PC works (after allowing the exception)
Chrome on a Chromebook doesn't work. You can get to the site, but can't open any character sheets.

Your site certification expired today. Once that is fixed, it should resolve the site safety issues for people trying to access the site.

Adding my 2 cents. Getting the same Invalid Cert issue. Telling Chrome/Firefox to ignore it lets me into the site.


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