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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Originally Posted by Oompa
Uhm.. i registered and the first two posts i made got me into an game.
Must've been two pretty good posts. Well done!

Originally Posted by SpaXe
I'd like to say that my first DMing game here on MW - The False Reality, started around Jan 2007, is going to start again in early September. The last time it lasted aroudn 7-8 months before I had to call a halt because of me busy with school stuff. But now it's going to start again! Lucky to say, many of my old players are coming back. I'm quite excited about it.
Very cool. Good luck with it when its up and running again.

Originally Posted by Magocrat
My latest milestone is finally setting up a game for myself, Dolurrh's Dawn.
Hard working DM's is what helps make this site great. Good job!

Originally Posted by Sith
I remember the first time I won an arena game on MW. Does that count?
Just the first of many, no doubt.

Originally Posted by Lilman
My game Alteran Mythos has been running for well over a year now, and a few of my starting players are still intact. We have had a few unfortunate circumstances arise that has forced players to leave, but all in all, we have persevered and the game is going strong.
Breaking the year marker is indeed quite a feat. Keep it up!

I was thinking about this the other day, actually. Maybe they're not Milestones, per se, so much as memories that marked certain things that are never really far from my mind.

My biggest milestone here? Being one of the ones who was here from pretty much the beginning, beta testing on a site with some username/password that was long and in a different language. <grin>

But other things are signals of good times spent here, too.

Every time Lilman posts, I smile a little. I've watched him go from being a newbie who desperately wanted to fit in and do better, to being a skilled PbPer and solid member of the site. I certainly don't think I made him who he is today (that was a lot of hard work on his part!) - but I saw it happen, and every time I see his adorable little avatar, I grin.

Thinking of the way Lilman has changed always reminds me of how I have, too - when I started, this was a diversion. Now, I'm honestly working to become a writer, as I've watched my posts and stories evolve here. The shift in goals was a milestone I achieved here on Myth-Weavers too. One of these days, a book will come out, and there'll be a bunch of familiar handles in the dedication.

My latest milestone was coming back after a long absence - to see people like Michael, 'Rigo, David, PMAB, Cleo, Kanavel, Haiming...the list goes on, and on, and on.... still here, still doing their thing; and rejoining the ranks happily. And starting a new game of my own.

This is an awesome place to be. It really is.

Well, I met Farland at GenCon (I did the Dragonspur City map for Farlandworld), then got married to an MW member. My best man and matron of honor are members, as is the guy who performed the ceremony and his eldest son. As well as both of the groomsmen.

My matron of honor and her husband (who performed the ceremony) are both extremely active GMs on the site. She's Tila, and he's Sheridan.

We have a photo of six of us, all MWers, playing the Tower of Gaxx game in the Gary Gygax memorial room at GenCon, which was run by Frank Metzer.

At one point, my post rate climbed over the 20 per day mark, but has since dropped to just over 17. I've been busy. Lolz.

Let's try not to have this be post count milestones... I'll let Ithamar's slide since he does, in fact, have the most posts on site Thanks

I'll share something in here eventually.

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
Let's try not to have this be post count milestones... I'll let Ithamar's slide since he does, in fact, have the most posts on site Thanks

I'll share something in here eventually.
Does Ith get banned at 100,000?

Originally Posted by Wonder Woman
Well, I met Farland at GenCon... *snip* I've been busy. Lolz.
Most definitely some great milestones in there. And congrats on your recent binding ceremony marriage!

Originally Posted by Rodrigo
I'll share something in here eventually.
That would be great. I'm certain that you would definitely have some Myth Weavers milestones that would be worth celebrating.

Originally Posted by Zombiekillerninja
Does Ith get banned at 100,000?
Nope, at that point I simply win. Everything. Ever.

Originally Posted by Ithamar View Post
Nope, at that point I simply win. Everything. Ever.
And you won't feel...a thing.

Not if I beat you to it Ithamar! I'm back you know, and getting back up to my old posting tricks...

Milestones... Well, there have been a few major milestones for me of late that have not had to do with the Weave, but just getting back here counts for something. I wasn't sure I'd be back for a while.

I like the fact that in a game just recently the players referenced an old old post I made in the first few weeks we played here. The fact that something was so memorable it stuck in their minds this long is kinda cool. For the rest of their lives they will hear the word troll and think of it. I know I will. Same thing with chickens.

Providing these experiences I think is the greatest thing about the Weave, and that makes each day a milestone to some degree. Something we do each day impacts other people in some way.


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