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Myth Weavers Storycrafting Contest

For the sake of clarity, "Day of Bones" is a holiday/festival we have to create or is an actual holiday in the PF universe?

@Nephelli It is both. Unfortunately the supplements gave the holiday a description. We are ignoring existing official stuff, make up what it is.

Is the explanation of the holiday something that needs to be separate from the story itself, or something incorporated into the story in the course of telling it? I can read it as both ways.

@Chase Incorporated into the story. Adding to the FAQ!

There's no minimum, right? I've got just shy of 2,000 words now, and may wind it up shortly.

@Daryk the target is 5000 words minimum for the contest.

@Daryk I take it back! I was wrong, and have been corrected on things. 5,000 is the max, not the min.

I did a google search on Day of Bones. Is this a real holiday here on Earth, or does it only exist in fiction? It literally wants to automatically attach the Pharasma Pathfinder deity to my search results.

Edit: It looks like someone already asked this. But what days in Pathfinder is is celebrated? What days in the real world is it celebrated? I gotta attach the correct season to this holiday.

Edit: Does it also have to be in the forgotten realms, Ebberon, or any realm that has already been created by Paizo or WoTC? I want to make up my own realm with D&D like themes.


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