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👀 How about that episode of game of thrones....jeesh! (Yes spoilers)

Timothy Dalton was however very good in The Lion in Winter. Which, as one of the best films set in the Middle Ages, is something that the writers on Game of Thrones could have made more use of for inspiration. And hah! I’ve brought the thread back on topic.

Originally Posted by Cleric8092 View Post
And... perhaps that Royals should have / should marry who they want. And use other avenues for securing / maintaining power.
Well Prince Rhaegar did, there's the end result of it. He and Lyanna gambled with their incommunicado stunt to the rest of the world and let them come to their own conclusions.

Besides the whole sham marriage thing was always to maintain some level of peace between belligerent powers. You don't marry your children off to allied/friendly houses when they're better used to shore up your Houses weaknesses.

It's why poor king Robb got the Julius Caesar treatment. He might as well have hocked a huge loogie at Walder Frey when he backed off his marriage arrangement then turned around and married Talisa, who wasn't even considered an aristocrat.

Do you guys have any expectations for what could replace GoT as the next cultural milestone show?

I'm holding out for Witcher 3 honestly. Yennefer and Ciri looking good, and Geralt doesn't look bad at all.

Wheel of Time. If done well, could be great.

Alright, I think we’ve covered the topic pretty thoroughly, all that’s left are tangents that would be better as their own threads.


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