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The State of Comics...

I know this is kind of old, but I wanted to throw my $0.02 in!

First off, "Boo Marvel!"

So I grew up with Marvel, and absolutely loved them. I was the biggest Guardians of the Galaxy fan 10 years before the movie was ever even in production. All things Cosmic at Marvel actually. Nova (Rich obviously. Screw Sam) is my favorite comic character.

In the past 10 years though, Marvel comics have become just the worst. They're unreadable for me at this point. They do everything wrong, and it seems like they do it on purpose. Frustrating.

So what I currently have on my pull list:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW) - Seriously might be one of the best comic series ever written. No joke.
Walking Dead - *sniff. Can't believe it's gone
Oblivion Song - Kirkman is the best
Die! Die! Die! - Kirkman writing violent action is even better
Birthright - D&D mixed with a modern day disfunctional family. I love it!
Kick-Ass (Image) - Love the new Kick-Ass character
Hit-Girl (Image) - Less in love with the new Hit-Girl series, but it's still fun

Then I also add random issues and TPB's here and there.

I picked up the trade of Gillen & Hans’s Die yesterday, and can definitely recommend it (and not only for its obvious relevance to anyone on MW). It’s another one of those Image books that twenty-five years ago would have been a Vertigo book, so if you have any affection for that sort of thing, give it a try.

EDIT: Also, I’m reading through the associated game (note: absolutely do not do this until you have read the first 5 issues/first trade of the comic, as it has major spoilers), and I couldn’t resist quoting this:

Kieron Gillen, DIE the rpg beta Never use multiple THE BAD DICE, as otherwise the ceremonial scapegoating of the dice will prove ineffective. We must train the dice to be good dice. We must believe all dice can be saved.


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