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Dungeons and Dragons car commercial

That was a heaping helping of awesomeness!!

I loved the cartoon as a kid. It helped make Saturday mornings special for those of us with rabbit ears on our TV’s and only 4 fuzzy network channels to watch.

The cartoon was my introduction to d&d.

Originally Posted by Mindcrime View Post
The cartoon was my introduction to d&d.
Same here. When I first stated watching the cartoon, I didn't even know there was a D&D game. And then after a few episodes, I was talking to some friends at school (5th grade) about it, and a couple of the 6th graders who played overheard us talking and asked if we wanted to play. A couple days later and I'm begging my mom for the Basic and Expert sets for my 11th birthday.

The good old days when cartoons ran all morning on Saturdays and the cereal was packed full of sugar. I have the CD set of the cartoon. I still watch my favorite episodes from time to time. Eye of the Beholder and Child of the Stargazer among a few others.

That was cool. I enjoyed the cartoon as a kid, but I rewatched a few episodes lately and I must say, they don't really hold up. I mean I remember even as a kid some weak plots and silly stuff but man, they were pretty bad.

Probably still better than the actual D&D movie though, lol.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
What is Lackey? I play Pokemon TCG/O and a bit of Magic (Commander as well as Standard via Arena) and my coworker is a very dedicated Magic player, and we have discussed making our own TCG.
LackeyCCG, it can be found here. Great program for being able to play games across the net. It's a free program, and there's tutorials and all that for it, including a forum with folks who can help you get the plugin working right and doing design as well.

Getting off topic, folks.

But D&D involves worshiping pagan deities, and that is not something the House of Mouse can be a part of. That's how the asgardians are converted from gods to just extra-planar being with "really advanced science".

No, a good D&D movie could be well worth watching.


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