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Share a song, any song. Here's mine.

Any song that has *any* meaning is good, and any song that doesn't have *any* meaning is tolerable. Just post a Youtube link to a song. Any song. Any song at all. (Feed me with music, Seymour.)

Required disclaimer for responses: Any songs linked must be in compliance with site content policies.

No problems there, if I get the rules. No System of a Down. (Too bad. I really like System of a Down.) How about some Ska?

Yes, Johnny. This guy.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
Mongolian Throat Singing Folk Metal
Officially filed under - "Things I didnt know I needed, until now"

Oh thank you for making this thread! I'm surprised there hasn't been one already.

Here's my contribution: A German yodeling song about chickens.

Check out Wardruna. They're a Nordic folk band playing traditional Nordic/Viking music using traditional instruments. Simply awesome.

While we're on that note, Corvus Corax.


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