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MW Fantasy Football 2019

MW Fantasy Football 2019

Hey football fans, with the season approaching I just wanted to post this to see who may be interested in playing this year. We have a champion to take down!

I'm down. I actually won this league several years ago, so I'd be more than happy to win again.

I'm interested. I was the lucky one to draft Le'Veon Bell last year....won't do that again. lol

So of course he'll bounce back huge this year.

Just kidding, I doubt I'd take him in the first round this year either.

I could probably be in one more league this year

Gonna have to drop this year. The next two months are shaping up to have no free time to prep/draft/enjoy the game.

I was in this league a few years ago. I'll admit that I don't pay nearly as much attention to football in general these days, mostly due that time going to my offspring (a three year old, and a pair of new recruits due in November). With that said, if you find yourselves with an odd number of managers, I'd be happy to step in and even things out.


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