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Switching to safety razor

Switching to safety razor

I was advised to switch my electric shaver into a safety razor telling that the result is much better and skin is smooth. What do you think?

Thanks everyone to take part in the discussion you helped me to make the decision I was also viewing dozens of forums and blogs to find out all main pros and conf of using a safety razor and I think now I'm ready to take a shot! I'd like to leave this page www.mistershaver.com/shop-safety-razors/ as exactly here was my last spot to read a guide and order a razor, I liked the style of writing the articles, now everything is clear to me. I decided to buy a Vikings Blade, it's good for beginners, it's durable, it looks cool! I know there are lots of good choices with lower price but I wanted to purchase a proven quality one. And what do you think of Vikings Blade?

I use a twin blade myself. I have not used an electric razor for a few decades. the blades are much better.

Shifting this over to General Discussion.

I've been using a safety razor for several years now, because both electric and the modern multiple foil-type blades irritate my skin. I'm using a Merkur model 180 long handle (glorious), Persona blades ($11.16 per 100 online) which work wonders, and the Sam's Natural shave oil.

Having been through a few different oils and shave soaps, that's the one I've been happiest with using.

I've been wet shaving with a Merkur 34C for quite a few years now. If you don't mind taking a little extra time, I think you'll like the change. I use the Feather "New Hi-Stainless" blades, which are a bit pricier than the Personas Colin mentioned, but blades seem to be highly personal, so my recommendation would be to buy a small number of a variety of different ones and try them out.

I've only tried a couple different shaving soaps/creams, but I just use my wife's soap that she makes herself which works great, so I can't really help you there. For aftershave, I just use with hazel.

I have never tired to shave my legs with a safety razor, but I can confirm that the right soap is as important as the blades in avoiding skin irritation. I use high-end-of-cheap triple blade disposable razors with not-so-cheap shaving soap that is made locally in Charleston. Makes all the difference. And my legs are bare outside of work ten months out of the year, so I shave a lot.

Shaving cream + safety razor results in irritated skin and an outburst of pimples in that area for a couple of days, so I've stopped using them.

I use an electric razor that's shallow enough to leave perma-stubble, which my gf likes. I look about 8 years younger than I actually am, so I'll leave the clean shaven look alone for a while.

@Bananaphone Sure you’re talking about these?

People quite often go to safety razors to get away from the multiple foil blade cartridges that are supposedly superior. Gillette razors would give me the ingrown hair pimple bit as well, a safety razor stopped that.

Originally Posted by Colin View Post
Merkur model 180 long handle (glorious), Persona blades ($11.16 per 100 online) which work wonders
I hate leaving the house without a shave. I use those same items as Colin along with Blades Grim "Smolder" scented soap. Pimples/razor burn have been way down since I made the switch.

I stopped using lotion afterward. I tried. The biggest difference that seemed to make personally was that it left lotion residue on my hands.

I've been using a safety razor for...15. Mine is an older Gillette that belonged to my great grandfather. Sword blades, about $10 for 100. Currently using Colonel Conk shaving soap. A cheaper set up, but a good enough shave. Hot water, at least decent soap and smooth, even hand on the razor and you cannot beat a safety razor. When I get brave, I have a straight razor I need to finish and sharpen.

I've done the clean shave thing, and when I realized it took me a 2-3 times daily to achieve that look, I looked into other options. So an alternative view option: Not shaving, if it fits the life situation you are in. It doesn't work with every industry, nor relationship, nor for every person. Just as an alternative here. You have options that go beyond what to shave with. I know folks who enjoy sculpting facial hair, and folks like me who go just natural and trim for comfort.

These options can include the tools listed above, but for the purpose of trimming and shaping.


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