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Amazon's The Boys

Amazon's The Boys

Surprised there's no thread for this. Is it the "Mature Content"?

It's rare, but here's a show that (so far) I'm actually enjoying. Yeah, me, of all people.
The show manages to score a nice balance of humor, drama, characters, story, fantasy, and realism. All while avoiding the easy traps of the CW's angst-fests, or the Snyder-verse's dark brooding grit, or the... everything that made Watchmen so gawdawful.

As long as discussion doesn’t go into the areas of the show that would be deemed inappropriate, it can be discussed. As with any new movie/show, use of spoiler tags is required when discussing plot.

I can't quite decide if you liking the show is a recommendation or not

I've given it a pass so far. Ennis is an author I like but often feel he's trying too hard to be shocking for the sake of being shocking. To be fair, he's better at it than Millar but that's a delicate balance and I'm nervous about how well it translates to a TV show.

On the other hand, I will admit the trailers have me mildly interested at the least.

Seems that a lot of fans of the comic don't like it because it isn't an exact translation. To me it's rather like Bones or Dexter: enjoy it for what it is, not what it isn't. It isn't a direct, blow-for-blow, line-for-line adaptation of the source material. It is an entertaining show which has similarities to the material.

(Not a spoiler because it's in the trailers). There's a scene where characters grab a baby out of a NICU incubator and use its laser eyes to protect themselves that is an amazing balance of awesome, funny, dark and grim all at the same time.

The show works and is entertaining. All of the exact details of the plot are sufficiently ambiguous that exactly who is behind what is kept from being blatantly obvious, but doesn't feel totally out of left field.
The characters are complicated, but not implausible (yeah, in a world where super-powers exist). No one is pure. Almost no one is scummy beyond scummy.

None of the "adult material" is just for shock value. While messed up, it serves to advance the plot and tell the characters' stories.

The show may not be Babylon 5, but it's a close 5th or 6th.

I enjoyed the Boys comic, but Ennis is definitely a 'shock value' for shock values sake author. Or possibly a shock value for creepy fetishes sake. Crossed is literally just pages and pages of what amounts to torture porn and the Boys comic definitely had some stuff that was extreme just... because.

Looking forward to checking out the show, though.

Dear gods, Whisper: we both like the same show! Inconceivable!

I don't see the show as being for shock value. I see it as a collection of messed up people corrupted by their own power.

I started watching this yesterday, and I'm only 2 episodes in. And oh my god is this some serious goodness. So far, my 2 favorite scenes in the series (after only 2 episodes) are...

Wait until you get to the Baby Scene I mentioned. Sure, you might know what it looks like, but in context it is even better.

Yes, the Supers are not heroes. No one is pure.
The characters do mature and develop--or you slowly get to see what made them who they are, so your perspective and understanding of them develops.

I'll probably watch this again in a couple months to see what happens.

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