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Quick questions and answers

What's a good 1st level feat for a Dragonlance Half-Ogre Warblade? I already have Hulking Brute and Power Attack with flaws, but I get one more. Any ideas?

Edit: Oh, and my stance is Blood in the Water, so no Ironheart Aura for Stormguard Warrior. At least not yet...

Power attack does not become useful until about 6th level.

But a good feat? Hmm... Adaptive Style is always nice to have, Point blank shot if you want to go into Blood Storm Blade. I don't know the pre-reqs, but Shock trooper might be in your line of thinking.

I'd also look into prerequisites for feats or prestige classes you're planning on looking into later on.

Did anything like the "devoted defender" make the transition into 3.5? It was in Sword & Fist.

There's a few feats in Drow of the Underdark that might come close. Otherwise, there's the Allied Defense feat in Shining South.

Is a wizard/sorcerer with the natural spell feat able to cast spells while he's polymorphed into a dragon, the same way a druid can cast spells when wildshaped?

If so, is it worth the trouble for a wizard to polymorph and take the natural spell feat, or should he use his spell slots and feats for more usefull feats and spells?

With Polymorph, you can cast spells as the form that you're polymorphed into as long as the form has the ability to meet the requirements for what's needed components. So if your Polymorphed into a dragon you would meet the requirements for spells that require Somatic and Verbal components and if you the Material and/or focus for the spell you could cast them.
The feat that comes the closest for what you are thinking of is Surrogate Spellcasting from Savage Species and that isn't going to be useful enough for the few forms you aren't going to have the ability to speak or arms.

Yes, because you can through a lot of different situations with Polymorph, however the feat would be better on other things.

Please be so kind as to point me to the threads discussing Epic 6 and other Epic D&D topics.
Thank you very much,

Use the search function at the top of the forum. You can find the rules themselves here.

Oh, thanks... I thought the search function wasn't working 'cuz it overloaded the server. I haven't even TRIED it for months!!!

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