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Myth Weavers Storycrafting Contest

@DoubleGold Ignore any existing descriptions, dates, seasons, etc. You create what you think the holiday is about! Classic fantasy to modern fantasy, go wild!

Colin, thanks for the clarification!

To start, I used the (very brief) description of the holiday on the PathfinderWiki (there really isn't any more on the Pharasma page):

Let's say I didn't exactly write about a parade of the "recently dead", though...


It can be shorter, but its recommended that its above 1,000

I've been really excited for this since it was announced, and now knowing the holiday is even better! I missed NaNoWriMo and can't wait to complete this.

Story done: 2772 words.

I'm supposed to email it, as an attachment I assume. Do you accept Microsoft word files? Open office? Libre Office Or rtf? Or txt?


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