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Need Optimization help lvl 15 Cleric

Need Optimization help lvl 15 Cleric

Hi, Im joining a pathfinder game and get to start at lvl 15. Im making a Bad touch reach cleric. Apparantly because the characters are way stronger than normal so are the encounters, So Im trying to get wisdom and the DC for my abilites maxed as much as possible, aiming for mid 30's but more the merrier.

Its using pathfinder but they Houseruled it to allow warforged race, we are all warforged essentially the very first sentient ones ever made. Stats are 14 across the board with allowing -2 from one physical to add +2 to another one time, and same with mental. so far my stats look like this.

STR: 14 +2 +3(lvls) +4(Upgrades) +6(Item Enhancement)
DEX: 14 -2 +4(Item Enhancement)
CON: 14 +2(Item Enhancement)
INT: 14 -2 +4(Item Enhancement)
WIS: 14 +2 +3(lvls) +4(Upgrades) +6(Item Enhancement) +4(Tombs) (Insight) (Sacred/Profane)
CHA: 14 +2(Item Enhancement)

They have used tombs for +4 to allow my character to get as well, Im not sure where to look or how to get insight and scared/profane bonuses to wisdom.

We have a "Master Maker" the guy that made us, who has all the feats and levels to make anything we want so most gear is all half price. They also have a list of "Upgrades" they been compiling over time, things like upgrading eyes for truesight (at a price) or fusing armor to our flesh and somehow making it so we can wear armor 1 degree higher, like heavy would count as medium etc. DM seems pretty open and flexable. I have 250K g to use. I haven't priced much out but these are some of the items I was thinking.

Longarm Bracers
Ring of Englargement
Necklace of vital Strike
Ring of Counterspells
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone
Handy Hoversack
Cloak of Resistance
Rod of Lesser Extend
Belt of Strength +6, +4 Dex, +2 Con (33,000gp)
Headband of wisdom +6, +4 Cha, +2 Int (33,000gp)
Orange Prism (Normal) Ioun Stone +1 Caster Level

I need to talk to DM to see if he will allow me to have a wayfinder for my Ioun Stones. Im not a 100% sure on pricing when you put 3 stats on them, mabey theres a more efficient way to get those stat boost. I also want to add the Longarm spell ability to an item somehow and see about the master making doing some sort of telescoping arm upgrades. Going to use a Longspear with sizing and Conductive weapon properties, and possibly an Animated tower shield.

Cleric domains are Madness and Travel with Exploration subdomain. (I once saw a CN god that offered both domains but cant seem to find it again, if anyone knows let me know)

What kind of tomb gives you a bonus to stats? I thought that was where they put you when you were dead.

In all seriousness, what do you actually want help with? It looks like you have a character fairly well mapped out already, and there's no actual question in your first post.

The stat-boosters are too cheap by the way. A regular +6 item already costs 36k; a +4 and a +2 between them are another 20k but both are x1.5 from being combined into the same item (yes, it's stupid that in PF all physical stats and all mental stats each share an item slot) - so that's 66k total. EDIT: Oh, if that's the half-price cost then, yeah, that's right.

Out of interest, what's a Necklace of Vital Strike?

I assume a Training Necklace with the Vital Strike feat? Maybe?
Talking about Training: Have you considered Lunge and Combat Patrol? The training weapon quality allows you to pick them up with money instead of wasting a feat slot (if you want, you could attach Shield Spikes and have your shield be the training weapon if you don't plan on enhancing it further).
Lunging Spell Touch might work combined with Conductive, but I'd clear that up with the DM before trying it, same for Amulet of the Blooded (Aberrant). I doubt it, but hey, maybe your DM thinks it to be appropriate.
Gloves of The Shortened Path might be useful too, assuming you don't mind the very harsh 1/day restriction, Pliant Gloves actually increase reach instead of just faking it but have a similarly short duration.

As my username implies - I dig Clerics. And Pathfinder. But I echo what has been said. Build looks pretty set already. And I'm honestly not experienced beyond level 8 in a Game. And even in that one, I feel a bit overwhelmed by just the options available to my Half-Orc Barbarian. In a Low magic setting. I do wish you and the group enjoyable gaming.

Most of what makes a Cleric is which spells you prep each day. What with the cheap gear, the tomes, and these "upgrades" you already have a pretty high Wis for L15 (most PF characters would probably aim to put a 16 there, +2 racial, but it depends on point buy; conversely, a +6 item is available by L15 but expensive, and you won't be buying tomes, so you're looking at maybe 16 +2 racial +3 levels +4-6 item = 25-27, whereas you have 33). I would therefore probably focus on spellcasting, particularly save-or-else as the DCs should be decent.

If you can get Longarm, it's great, but AoO tanking doesn't really look like it's for you. Clerics can do it, but they don't offer anything really special for it, and your Dex is too low for Combat Reflexes anyway (arguably you qualify via the item, but I personally find that icky and anyway you don't get many AoOs that way and risk having it dispelled or sundered). You kind of may as well use Longarm and a Longspear if you can, but I'm not sure that it's worth investing into it (I'd want those, plus Disruptive and Stand Still or at least some tripping ability - you don't actually need Imp Trip when you've got so much reach, or a tripping weapon at all in PF, but you do need a big CMB - and probably a Fortuitous weapon as a bonus). Clerics do get Righteous Might which synergises but it only lowers your Dex further.

For a Cleric, just casting Divine Power (or Righteous Might or whatever - actually Boots of Speed + Divine Favour probably works just as well as Divine Power) and wading into melee and full-attacking is probably still the best and at least the simplest strategy, even with PF's changes; Vital Strike is just bad and there's not much you can do to make it good, especially with medium BAB, and buffed melee is still good. By L15 you do have access to Quickened Divine Power and Quickened Divine Favour so that's an option - either cast one swiftly and start making melee attacks right away or get one of those off and also Righteous Might in one turn, and start taking AoOs as they close with you.

I think though that I'd carry a Spell-Storing Longspear and just use it for AoOs, focusing on casting but hoping to hit now and then when someone tries to close in melee and unloading an extra spell that way. It's a big investment in Strength and a magic weapon just for that but you can also go into melee when fighting minions or finishing off a fight or if you feel the need to conserve spells.

None of this really qualifies as "optimisation tricks", it's just having a sensible strategy and executing it sensibly.

Vital Strike can be made less than completely sucky, but you have to build around it and all you get for that is one of the easiest things to get in PF, lots of damage. Doesn't really seem worth it.

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