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Unique Gestalt Class Combinations

Unique Gestalt Class Combinations

Premise:So this is more of a brainstorm thread then a general request for specific advice. I've always been a fan of gestalt for various reasons and over the years I've come to learn you can create some truly interesting combinations from various classes. One thing I've always enjoyed is trying to find ways to combine classes that synergize very well together or that give the character a relatively unique set of abilities/tactics that are hard to duplicate using single classed characters. With that said, I was wanting to hear from the community about some of the more interesting gestalt builds folks here on the Weave have been able to craft over the years. Below is an example gestalt build that I think creates a unique mechanic combination.

Self Help SamuraiClasses: Warlord || Zealot
Archetypes: Bushi || None

So Weavers, what crazy concepts have you all come up with?

Monk wizard... it's crazy because it's MAD as all hell, and not all that tough, but it's incredibly satisfying when played as a Githzerai Zerth...
I'd also enjoy the original Gish: Gityhanki Fighter/Wizard, but dependng on the system/edition, a wizard in full armor may not be any too practical... in 5e, it works well, since spellcasters may cast in whatever armor they are proficient with... but in 3.5, I don't think there are any provisions for that, and those in Pathfinder are ridiulously inefficient... and don't even ask me how you work a gestalt in 4e... multiclassing is borked up enough in that system.

Fighter|Wizard works pretty excellently in 3.5/PF, though that's mostly because Wizard is just excellent. However you can still do the classic "gish" stuff just fine - armour is almost an irrelevance, after all (especially when you have Mage Armour, etc).

In Pathfinder, though, I would probably rather do something like Magus|Wizard (or |Arcanist, |Witch, |Psychic, whatever) with Broad Study - actually, you only need six Magus levels for this (which makes it impractical in non-gestalt) so you could feasibly multiclass after that - that means giving up all the other Magus goodness but since Wizard is what's powering your spellcasting it's not such a big deal. Staying for Arcane Accuracy might be worth more though, I dunno.

Magus|<martial> has obvious benefits, and Magus|Rogue can use Prescient Attack or whatever it's called to get lots of Sneak.

Obviously, Synthesist is pretty awesome - get eidolon physical abilities, plus full BAB and class features from another class (Synthesist|Monk or similar with Feral Combat Training is a bit of a favourite of mine).

Mesmerist works pretty well with Sorcerer... but then, Mesmerist is a pretty good one-level dip anyway.

Psychic is quite a nice one since with the dual stat dependency, you don't feel so bad combining it with a Cha- or Wis-based class. In fact the Self-Perfection discipline which gives Wis to AC works pretty awesomely with Cleric or Druid or whatever - no better than Monk|Cleric or Monk|Druid, except instead of unarmed strikes you get full, Sorcerer-like spellcasting. I'm playing a Rebirth Discipline Psychic | Reincarnated Oracle character in one game, and those go together pretty well thematically and not badly mechanically either.

Oracle can probably make some pretty neat martial builds using some of their Revelations, though I'm not terribly up to speed with Oracles so I couldn't really give examples.

The same sort of logic as 3.5 applies, naturally, it's just that there are some new PF classes you can throw into the mix too.

For classes that synergize well, there's Hunter/Unchained Rogue. I don't know if it's unique, but it can make a real melee powerhouse. Dex-based with an animal companion that can be ridden as a mount and emphasis on flanking and AoOs is the basis of the build.

Speaking of Psychic...

Paladin + Psychic bloodline sorcerer...you still get to use Psychic magic which means, you don't need to use somatic or verbal component so you can cast in armor, just thought component and Paladin make you immune to fear...so you don't suffer the usual weakness of Psychic magic. 9th level caster using charisma to synergize with all your abilities.

Rogers - The Psychic Sorceradin combo you mentioned is scary effective. From the chasis alone your only missing good reflex and more skills points but charisma to saves makes up for your poor reflex and all those nice spells make up for low skill points.

Here is another gestalt build that, has a narrow area of specialization in which is is very strong at, but that also possesses plenty of additional options outside of its main focus.

Healing Anyone?Race: Half Elf
Classes: Cleric || Oracle
Archetypes: Merciful Healer || Ancient Lorekeeper

I forgot Medium, which works pretty well with anything martial in the same manner as 3.5's Incarnate - the chassis is so-so but you get bonuses to make up for it, and in gestalt you can get the best of both worlds by taking e.g. a Paladin chassis and sticking the Champion spirit on top of that. Plus you have a few spells and can switch to Archmage or Hierophant during downtime.

I played a Swashbuckler|Bard (Arcane Duellist) for a while. Great combination, though you're starved for swift/immediate actions.

I'm a fan of ranger alchemist. mr. hyde builds get you crazy damage, sneak attack and favored enemy ranger adds claw attacks and if you use the right race you gain a bite gore or wing buffet

Wizard/Fighter. Go into Lore Warden and pick up the Student of War PrC on the fighter side. Pick up the Knowledge is Power discovery at level 1 and otherwise play a normal buff/utility wizard, but mostly buffing yourself. You are now a Mr. Miyagi level god of combat maneuvers, add your absurdly high INT to AC instead of DEX, are beefy as hell, and can actually get bonuses from the huge collection of knowledge skills you have access to and are pretty much required to get since you are the party encyclopaedia. Consider replacing fighter with warder if PoW is allowed, but Student of War is fantastic and super flavorful


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