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Main sequence sci-fi

Main sequence sci-fi

Hey there folks, kinda doing an interest check here. Warrior, Rogue & Mage is a very fast paced game system I like.... Was looking for one with the same feel but sci-go and I found it! Main Sequence!
Anyways I've had the idea of running a diaspora style game with starcraft tech levels. Mainly focused around Terrans, but might have other races too. (Not starcraft universe sorry.) Only real changes was going to,be adding stunts, tags, gear, ship weapons..... And another attribute to represent Psionic powers. This would function like Mage from WRM, and allow for psi power *spells* to be cast.
I have ideas for bounty hunters, or battle historians trying to uncover the lost chapters on human history.
Year would be somewhere between 2100 to 3500 ad. With an different dating system.

Interested? Ideas? Questions? Lets chat!

Sounds like you re-invented Stars Without Number.

@thesloth, Setting wise, likely similar from first glance. But stars without number is far more complicated. Thanks for the resource though.

I'm somewhat surprised to hear someone say SWN is complicated, it's been an easy system for all the first time players I've encountered to pick up.

@Colin, It was simple, but Main Sequence is much simpler (by comparison, but I just looked SWN over today). SWN shares a line with the classic d20 attribute based games. Never been a d20 fan. When I see "Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma" I often sigh, reminded of things I didn't enjoy.
I'm most passionate about FATE..... wish I got to play in more games that had it as the core system. Main Sequence was a very Lite rules system that I stumbled on and liked. Was curious about sci-fi interests and if anyone else has even seen the system or would be interested to play.
But reading the setting for SWN is a bit of the *feel* I'm going for.

Hey, it's all personal preference! As to the D20 bit...It has similarities to the old D20 games, and it has differences. Not saying it's right for what you're looking for necessarily, but it's at least worth giving the rules a deeper look if the setting feels close.

It's cool, I'm there with you on preference! I guess for me d20 games with live people from High school, and the game clubs..... to here too.... just left bad taste in my mouth (I still give them a fair shake when I see something good). I did like that it didn't seem easy to *munchkin* at first glance, huge plus to SWN. I'm still reviewing it. Not saying it was bad either though. Did seem lite compared to d20 future though....that's a plus. The story about the game is really close to what I was looking for so that was a huge plus! Thanks for the input.

It was your setting description and desire for ship gear, weapons, etc. That made me think of SWN.

Gear will always add complexity, because it's the fine points of what gear does that make it cool. The more cool, unique tech you add the more you add rules to deal with it. Just something for you to consider as you tweak your system.

Good luck with your system!

@orcwbigstick If you have any questions relating to SWN, I'm happy to answer 'em, either here or on the site's Discord server. It's become one of my favorite systems, I may be a smidge passionate about it as such.


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