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Speed build

Speed build

I'm trying to make a character for Pathfinder that has a very high base speed. I'm having difficulty figuring out how to do it. I don't want him to fly, just run, but I don't want to take Fleet for every feat.

I thought about using the monster Quickling as the race, but I can't really figure out how to adjust it for a PC. And while the race builder is fun, I'm just trying to make a single character, not an entire homebrew race. There's another race called Sylph that looks like it might be helpful. There's an alternate racial trait that gives it a 10 foot boost to its speed.

Now, is there a way to pull this off without just using the Haste spell, items, and Fleet all the time?

No, but using Fleet for every feat will take up room for any other feats that could be useful. And he will be using Haste if he can get it, but it is a level 3 spell so that could take a while.

So you're not just looking for the highest base speed possible. Is there a specific number you'e looking to hit? Otherwise it's just "how many Feats/spell slots/item slots do you want to dedicate to this?"

I want to try to hit a minimum of 80 by no later than level 7. I'd like to get it higher if I can, but I don't want to gimp his usefulness in or out of combat. For example, the feat Spring Attack would be great for this character and it requires Dodge and Mobility. That's 3 feats right there.

I did a centaur in a gestalt 3.5 game once...barbarian fast movement, modified horseshoes of speed, and a quick trait gave him a 100 ft speed. Strangely (as I recall), barbarian fast movement is untyped (unlike monk/scout fast movement) so it stacks with haste/horseshoes of speed.

If it is forgotten Realms there is a regional Feat called Fleet of Foot. Bleh, I just noticed this is for Pathfinder, but I have recently seen a game run with Pathfinder ruleset in Forgotten realms so it is possible!
As mentioned above, the quick trait.
Monk would probably be the best class since his speed increment increases as he levels.
Boots Of Striding and springing add 10 movement as well as boosts to jump which synergize well with your dodge+mobility +Spring attack you mentioned.

I would also ask the GM about combining the dodge and mobility feats similar to the feat tax modifications. Most players and GM's agree that both are pretty terrible feats individually but are pretty decent if combined into one feat.

Sadly, the Boots are an enhancement bonus, which means they don't stack with the Monk's speed bonus.

Huh, well that's garbage.

Anyway, Barbarian Fast movement+boots+Fleet of Foot Regional Feat+Quick Trait=70 movement and achievable before level 7, if they are allowed.


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