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Ultra Light Rules Systems

Ultra Light Rules Systems

Just curious how many players we have here who have a love for "micro" light rules systems. The kind that only take 2-20 pages to cover the entire rules for the game. Systems like Maze Rats, Dinky Dungeons, Swords & Wizardry Light, TWERPS, etc.

I'm personally a big fan of S&W Light/Continual Light, and Dinky Dungeons, although (I haven't played it yet) I do love the system layout for TWERPS as well

I find micro-RPGs to be an interesting design space. Something ultra-focused like Kill Dr. Magnethands would never work for a full two-hundred page book, but as a single-page flyer it has a lot of juice. Similarly, I've found stuff like Lasers & Feelings to be very adaptable. The compressed nature of micro-RPGs seems to force people to boil down their ideas to a few basic principles and when it's well-done it's very well-done.

Yes! I prefer using minimalist systems. I get a bit frustrated by the rulebook page-flipping and character sheet scanning that can sometimes take the place of role-playing. I think they're very appropriate for PbP games, as they tend to have very quick combat resolution systems and minimal accounting crap to bog things down. My favorites include Freeform Universal (esp. the "expanded" version), RISUS, Lasers & Feelings and its many hacks (even I've written one ) and Above The Earth.

I actually put an ad up in Game Planning for a game using the S&W Light rules, if anyone's interested

It's the Borderlands game.

Originally Posted by Colin View Post
RISUS is a staff favorite! All 3 pages of it.
I've seen that one, but haven't tried it yet. Does look pretty great though

I'm interested in rules-light systems (The Black Hack 2e, Knave) and was gauging interest for a TBH2 game a while back, but failed to rouse the masses that time. I'm sure I'll try again at some point, because I'd like to get more experience running games.

My small experience with RISUS was fantastic. I would absolutely play in another game using that rule set.

Maybe we could make a list of those interested in these types of games?

Originally Posted by SD Houston View Post
Maybe we could make a list of those interested in these types of games?
That would be awesome. I've long wanted to start up a RISUS game based off of the movie Mystery Men (for which it seems well-suited), and have never gotten enough people interested.

Also, the Lasers & Feelings hack Sorcery and Sellswords looks like it would be fun to try. I have an idea for a limited-duration story to run for it that I could develop.


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