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How can we turn a hireling into a horse?

Isn't there a sculpt corpse kind of spell? If so, would resurrecting him give him permanent equininity?

I think you're on the right track, but this sounds less like a question of game mechanics than it does a question of whether or not your co-worker needs professional help. :-)

Originally Posted by mildly_competent View Post
A coworker asked me today a game question. They're playing 5E DnD, which I'm not yet intimately familiar with. They have a hireling that they'd really like to turn (temporarily) into a horse. Bonus points if they can somehow keep the horse's head human (not centaur-like. Just the head.). They're currently level 3, and are seeking the best way to do this at an early level.
I'm assuming that the hireling is willing, that the change is transmutation in nature (as opposed to an illusion), and that money is no option.
  • Hireling gets to Druid 2 to Wild Shape into a Draft Horse/Riding Horse, and a PC arcanist uses Minor Illusion to fashion a human head. The hireling becomes an actual horse, but the head is illusory.
  • The PCs find an NPC Wizard who will be willing to do the required transformation. It will be crazy expensive, I expect, maybe too expensive for a 3rd-level party. A cooperative DM might still make it work, though. For example, the NPC might be willing to perform the ritual in exchange for the party accomplishing a particular quest.


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