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Magic Jar is the classic 'possess others' spell, and it's a 5th level spell of the Necromancy school.

So perhaps turning Arcane Sight on the possessed sorcerer will reveal a Moderate Necromancy aura?

"If you concentrate on a specific creature within 120 feet of you as a standard action, you can determine whether it has any spellcasting or spell-like abilities, whether these are arcane or divine (spell-like abilities register as arcane), and the strength of the most powerful spell or spell-like ability the creature currently has available for use."

So this demon with Cleric SLAs would still register as arcane, albeit higher-level than the sorceror NPC. How would they quantify what level the sorceror is, though, unless it's a 4th wall-breaking game like OotS?

Thanks to all, I'll look for that too.

Originally Posted by Dalar View Post
So this demon with Cleric SLAs would still register as arcane, albeit higher-level than the sorceror NPC. How would they quantify what level the sorceror is, though, unless it's a 4th wall-breaking game like OotS?
Well, quantifying the level per se is a bit of metagaming, but it's not difficult to guess once you know the max level of spells they can access to...

Hi everyone, Im currently running the Lost Mines of Phandelver but looking to possibly transition into a homebrew campaign after the module is completed. Would anyone have any tips or personal experiences doing this?

Lead in with multiple clues (they will probably miss a few), find a way to ensure the characters bite the plot hook (use their backgrounds / NPC relationships to provide motivation), and be prepared for them to go in an entirely different direction than where you want them to go.

But of course, whatever evil is afoot will only continue to grow if they don't go investigate...


Is there a feat or class ability that allows a spellcaster to counterspell after-the-fact? Which I would suppose makes it more of a dispel?
Like, could a sorcerer who knows Alarm, use a 1st level spell slot to dispel an Alarm spell that's in his way?

I know the SRD for 3.5 has a variant abjurer that can channel prepared spells into spontaneous dispelling, but is there a way to make, say, a transmuter skilled at undoing shapechangers, or a necromancer good at banishing enemy undead, or an enchanter good at breaking charms and dominates?

You're thinking of the Dispel Magic / Break Enchantment / Disjunction family. Antimagic Field works for suppressing spells if you just need to get past it and don't mind your own stuff being turned off for a while.


If an armed summon with reach / a reach weapon attacks into a group inside an antimagic field does it/the weapon passing through wink out and then back in?
Or can it hit the people inside?
Or does it depend on whether or not its wielding something that wasn't summoned?

ex: If it is using whatever it was conjured with that stuff winks, but if the summoner armed a big creation with some leftover spears from a giant encounter giving it 15+ foot reach they might be able to aid in the pinata the wizard fest.

Some specific spells dispel and counter each other - and of course, there are specific spells for countering other spells (necromancy has a lot of anti-undead spells as well as undead-creating and -boosting spells). Otherwise, I think you may simply have to use a regular dispel.

Technically, a summoned creature only risks winking out if it enters an antimagic field - therefore, it can attack into one just fine. It would probably not be unreasonable to rule that it couldn't because it probably does have to "enter" or at least have its weapons or part of its body enter as part of the attack (realistically, creatures don't remain static in 5ft squares; that's just a model), but the rules as written don't really cover that. If it is able to attack in, though, note that any magical effects of the weapons will be suppressed.
(Also, if you rule that it winks out, a summoned creature could still be equipped with a mundane, non-summoned reach weapon which it would be able to hold in safety whilst still attacking with impunity)

starwars saga edition
Is there an 'off hand penalty'? Im only seeing generalized full attack action rules where if you use two weapons in a round both take penalties etc.
Does this mean that if I have a pistol in each hand and only fire one each round because I use them for different enemy types/situations that my offhand fires without a penalty?

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