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Added feature that records...

Added feature that records...

I added a feature that now records how long a user stays online and then outputs it into the user's public profile. Small, really insignificant, but sort of neat, see how much time people really spend on the forum :P Well assuming cookie don't drive time up.

Actually, I think they do. At least on DnD OG it used to show me online forever, whereas I'd log in for a few minutes, then check back in an hour and the cookie would still not expire!

Well, if you have it set to log you in automatically you wont be logged in forever but it stores the data, usually as soon as you leave the site it will no longer record you visiting and after a set timeout the code updates your time on the site, so it shouldn't be inaccurate.

In this case I will be logged in as a usual all-dayer. I'm onw of those chumps who opens the window and leaves it that way until I log off (of the pc, not the site).

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