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DM Screen

DM Screen

I've just been in correspondence with Jamis Buck... we will have full rights to use his web generators. So, we'll be creating a DM Screen utility for DMs on this site

What do you all think of that? :cool:

I think thats just super.

That r0xx0rs the haxx0rs !!one!!one111!

That is really nifty. One step closer to what I imagine this site to be.

Hopefully people will have no reason to ever leave. I plan on integrating an actual online DM Screen for reference. This DM tool set, in addition with an up-to-date srd, tons of homebrew content, and the best community and staff ever, should make people blind to the fact that there is more on the web... and that they have jobs

No, We need them to remember they have jobs :P If they forget that simple fact then when it comes to server bill day there won't be anyone with cash left to give. However the goal is to make the site so centralized and rounded that when someone needs something they don't have to leave the site to get it, well in the dnd or rpg context - obviously they won't find porn here, but if we can achieve that then we have created a gamer haven :P Then we just need the gamers to come.

Very useful and I think each new feature, no matter how trivial, will draw people to this site.

What do you all think of that?
You think someone is gonna say no to that? :eek:
Hell ye!
I think many people don't really realize there is more on the web plus a lot of them are lazy to search for it.

Just as an update we have all the files & stuff and they're on the server, but as they still have to be compiled specifically for the linux box and I don't know much of anything about running C or C++ through a CGI web front, it'll be a while until we can get Blayz or the host to prepare that stuff for use and basic interaction. After that I can design it to look & operate nicely.

Blayz & I have been... err... well, trying to get this stuff working. It's proving difficult, but we'll keep cracking at it.

I shudder to ask this, but um..

DM Utility will do what?


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