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DM Screen

It will include:

Open to All:
3.0 and 3.5 NPC Generator
Town Generator
Treasure Generator
Map Generator
Online DM Screen reference charts

Per Game Forum:
(Maybe) JS Map-Making Applet
DM Notes
(Maybe) Character Quick-view page with stat blocks from selected character sheets.

I was hoping there'd be some sort of Breakfast in Bed 2.0 utility, but that list looks fairly funky. Waiting with baited breath.

What is "Online DM Screen reference charts"?

And I think Whatsy was referring to the irony java maps...

Oh, good. You're not referring to the horrible one that a lot of DMs use because it's cheap and "easy" to use. God, I hate that one with the flaming passion of a thousand suns errupting into supernovas!

I think my fellow disk spinner's trying to say is that "He doesn't think it's good"...

and if this DM Screen works...holy crap if i'm buying two books and trying to learn how to be creative....YOU, SIR, ROCK HARD!?

I agree. The DM screen is going to be super cool! Even cooler than this smiley:

Originally Posted by djrackley
*meekly raises hand* Does it help if we're already creative?

Don't mock me d=(


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