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tavernonline(sounds kind of neat)
gametomes (I like this one)

It would help to know what you're looking for Mort. From the first ideas you mentioned, I'm feeling that you want something catching, astounding and grammatically easy and solid. What I want to know is are you leaning more toward something epic and pronounced like Fable, or do you want the fact that this a gaming haven to be in the title?

To be honest, I really don't know But I'm willing to work at it from both angles until something in my mind clicks. It's the same way I think about working on styles or graphics or anything, really. I don't know what I'm looking for when I start, but I know without a doubt when I've found it.

We thought we had it a while ago, didn't seem to click well enough, whatever makes you guys happy works for me. The name really is important but at the same time so is the content :P So I will let you all do the name stuff...

Scribe Asylum
Slaves of Elum
The Dragon Files
Tome of Tales
Mythic Isle
Adventurers Anonymous (AA)
Legion of Legends (LoL)
The Legency Conscript (don't ask)
Tome of Trials
The Bone Hole (as in dice hole)
The Myth Ordinance (or Bone Ordinance, even)
Scriveners Keep
GamePosters, Inc
The Epic Portal

all of these with a little play-by-post inclusion at teh end of them.

Well, I also think we shouldn't make our name based on an already existing movie or non-dnd hero (we are going to be a DnD site after all, right?). It would make people confused. They would think we are some fan site. If I would be looking for a D&D board I wouldn't even check the site.

I really liked the name the other site has, especially because it is how I found the site. A lot of people from the other site found it by typing dnd+online (or something along those lines) into google. However, if that would create some legal problems than maybe we could place that name into a subheading that would be searchable (I don't fully know how the searching works).


Dragon inn
Silver Harpy Inn
Misty Marches
Dragon eye (sounds like Dragon Ball though )
Lord of Dice
Story Teller

D&D Crypt
World of D&D (
D&D Online Fantasies ( )
D&D Kingdom
D&D Wonderland (gives me a warm feeling)

I'm not sure I like the idea of having D&D in the site name, especially if it is going to allow all sorts of other PBP games.

I'm not sure I like the idea of having D&D in the site name, especially if it is going to allow all sorts of other PBP games.
You bring up a good point. DNDOG started with being a D&D only site (as far as I know) but than it slowly expanded its wings and embraced other D20 games. The question is, are we going to concentrate on D&D, trying to build a D&D community that may occasionally play other non-D&D games for fun (like DNDOG is now) or are we going to be simply an online RPG site? (I would guess we would be more the first one).

In the first case I think that it's debatable if putting D&D in our name would be a good idea. On one hand we would be mainly a D&D, which I think should be expressed clearly. On the other hand one may think that it would not really sufficiently explain what we are. The second case is quite obvious...


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