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I like the last one. It somehow captures both essences of the site: community+D&D.

I though about the name Dungeon Maze, but I think Cleokatrah's, I mean Spanky's, idea might be better.

We will cater more specifically to the D&D community (after all, it is the most popular), but we will be supporting systems by White Wolf (like World of Darkness) and the variant D&D systems (Wheel of Time, World of Warcraft, that kind of stuff).

I would guess we would be more the first one
*hopes not*

[EDIT]Text added to make the message an acceptable length.

Well, being picky as I am, I've made a list of letters that words included in the name should start with. I find them visually balanced and appealing, and they are letters very much stylized in many fonts. They are:

A, D, I, L, M, O, S, T, Y

Still, throw anything you can think of at me (even if it doesn't match what I've said I'd like). If it clicks, it clicks

ooh i got one, ElderRPGPBP

or maybe the ancient scrolls of post, or as we can lovingly call it, ASP RPG!

Or DND : Dorks iN Dungeons

Or last but not least, The Legend of Post!

  • GnGOG (Geeks and Goblins Online Games)
  • AA (Asimaars and Assamites)
  • Darkness & Dungeons
  • VoP (Vow of Performance)

Or, we stay away from the initials.
  • Haven
  • The Ninth Layer
  • The Bag of Holding
  • 4d6

Perhaps something mimicking a tavern's name?
  • The half-dragon munchkin
  • The forgotten familiar
  • The minion of Blayz
  • The broken book
  • The orcish smiley


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