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I like Cleo's idea - 'Call me Spanky' would attract a lot of web-users, and Blayz's bosses wouldn't know he's on a games site.

Does the site have a mission statement of sorts?

If it's a D&D site - then a D&D name is appropriate.

If it's a multiple game site - then ...

It will be for multiple games... depending on word back from wizards If we can get an arrangement with them, 'twill be WotC games only.

Writing on the walls.
The Cavern Walls (since they can be covered with words, occasionally! )
Maze of stories.

Just a few, potential suggestions!

Mostly support, whether as their 'official' play by post site, or through financial commissioning. I'm not sure how much we offer them, but we do make d&d in particular bigger, and give people more reasons to buy their books

Ooh, I have some ideas! this is building off of the words on the first page.
Heroes of legend - Cliche, perhaps, but tried and true. Might be already taken though.
tavern of heroes - I like this one better.
Gotta have "heroes" in it, I reckon. Or "arcane". But that's probably because I'm an caster junkie
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What about something that's a bit more true to what we as a community are?
"Gamers Living With Their Parents in the Basement"

Or just shorten it to something like: PbPBasementRPGs

But honestly, I do like d20 Online Games as believe it or not, it's good for a site just starting out to have a focus group. Something to rally behind when all else fails. D&D is good, but d20 is much broader without breaking confines and just going into all the multitudes of additional systems.

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