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Climbing up the site rankings.

Climbing up the site rankings.

I noticed an announcement by Mortimer where he tried to rewrite the URL names in order to get a higher site ranking. While on this topic, I've seen a bunch of site-optimizing programs and tools around the web. Should I mess with those a little to help us?

Also, don't we need those "spider catcher" words? I don't exactly remember the coding, but AFAIK, most search spiders look into a certain part of the site( the body ?) with a list of common tags of the site. Should we set up a list like that?

I'm already covering the SEO, but thanks

No, the spider bots they send look first for a site map, which is links and numbers, depending on the spider bots from certain companys, the better organized this is and the better the links are the better we rank on google. We plan on making shure we make the first page, but it will take some work, the link thing was a test that failed but maybe some others wont.

It wasn't a test that failed, it was just a method that I don't feel was complete enough and didn't make for what I was looking for.

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