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Links to character sheets and the SRD would be key, IMO. Other than that, I have no real need to link to anything quickly.

Well... everything but the RPG Tools can be taken off.
  • Today's Posts - Who uses it?
  • Mark Forums Read - Who uses it?
  • Open Buddy List - From the User CP.
  • User Control Panel - Link from the top menu-bit.
  • Edit Signature - From the User CP.
  • Edit Profile - From the User CP.
  • Edit Options - From the User CP.
  • View Your Warnings - Dunno
  • Private Messages - Link from the top menu-bit.
  • Subscribed Threads - From the User CP.
  • My Profile - From the User CP.
  • Who's Online - From the main page

Bingo. Down to 3-4.

Actually, the buddy list opens up a nifty pop-up, but still
Viewing your warnings should probably be done from the user CP, yeah
You can't get to your profile from the user cp, but you should, haha

Sweet, I'll commence shrinking that down sometime soon, then.

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