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Please post the two names of the people you would consider viable recruits for the site, and give reasons why.


"Why can we only have 2?"
Because this is a controlled release

Angry Bill. Great RPer, can keep a secret, and a RL friend of mine.

Haiming. Another RL friend, the reason I got to DNDOG, and has waaaay too much fun plotting.

Why can we only have 2? I can think of quite a few more that I want to include. Good people, good friends. Some RL friends, others not.

I know botj, but Haiming seems to be having a bit of trouble recently with the internet thing, his daughter? Maybe for the moment someone who is capable of being a little more active might work, though I do know him from his game and from when he played in mine.

Angry bill should be fine, just make shure he knows the importance of secrecy.

We are limiting it to two currently because we are being size wary. We may expand again later.

As you like. Haiming's been quiet on that site too, because he's been waiting for Valistar to get back. Valistar's also back now, so I'd love to see him over here, too.

Well, the people I know the most (ie. from frequent IM conversations) are either already here or right now aren't very frequent on the site. So, after some consideration I chose these candidates are:

Legend of Link and hvg3akaek

As far as I know he seems to be a trustworthy people who have are also very frequent on the board.

Valistar and summoner's picks look good to me, go for it

I'd like to nominate Coadgh Dearg (so long as he chooses a more typing friendly name). He is an IM buddy of mine. would also mean we could have an Oz forum

I'd also like to nominate Gath, for similar reasons.

I'd say MissKellian...and Admin Varun.

yeah, Varun's totally 100% looking to move to another site

Such a brat you are!


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